Biography of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei the Leader of the Islamic Revolution

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Sayyid Ali Khamenei ( سید علی خامنه ای ) was born on the 29th of Farvardin of 1318 S.H./28th of Safar 1358 L.H./19th of April of 1939 C.E..

Sayyid Ali Husseini Khamenei, the son of the late Hujjatolislam wal-Muslemin Hajj Sayyid Jawad Husseini Khamenei, was born in the holy city of Mashhad in the month Farvardin of the year 1318 of the Solar Hijri calendar – equivalent the year 1358 of the Lunar Hijri calendar.

He is the second son of the family. Like many seminarians and teachers of religious teachings, the life of the late Sayyid Jawad Khamenei was very simple: “My father, though a well-known religious figure, was a bit of an ascetic. We had a hard life. I remember that sometimes we had nothing for supper but bread with some raisins, which our mother had somehow improvised”.

The house in which the family of Sayyid Jawad lived was in a poor neighborhood: “Our house, some sixty-five square meters, consisted of a single room and a gloomy basement. When visitors came to see my father as the local cleric to consult about their problems, the family had to move into the basement while the visit went on…. Years later some charitable persons bought the small, empty lot adjacent to our house, so we were able to build two more rooms”.

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